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Our private investigations are comprehensive and results driven. Our staff of former law enforcement experts and investigative personnel with experience,  are licensed and bonded and possess specific discipline expertise in such matters as marital disputes, corporate crime, asset tracking, child custody cases, unfaithful spouses, undercover retail investigations, internet dating fraud and workmen's compensation.  These investigations are handled in a discreet and professional manner. 

[ 100% Confidentiality / State of the Art Equipment / Experts in Physical Surveillance / Over 50 Years in NJ Law Enforcement / Licensed and Bonded Investigators ]



Effective Protective work is seldom seen however is  always present to protect our clients. Our EP officers are professional, experienced,and  discreet.  We endorse non-disclosure agreements with any clients requesting same.  We understand that our EP clients have a unique life-style and specific needs that need protecting. We work directly with family offices to ensure a seamless operation that minimizes any disruption to their normal activities.

Corporate Executives may need protection from workplace violence issues to include strikes or employee terminations. Centurion Shield Protection Services has the experience and solutions  to provide executive  protection services for Owners, Corporate Executives and other corporate staff members when needed.

We help you create assessments and  strategies with detailed plans to reduce vulnerabilities and threats. Our services can include Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessments.

[ Discreet / Confidential / Professional / Armed / Unarmed  ]


Our experience in Loss Prevention and Security Management allows us to provide service tailored to our clients needs.  We work closely with the client’s loss prevention/security program with the goal of reducing corporate shrinkage, reducing risks, improving safety of staff and customers.  With both external and internal theft being a significant concern in the retail industry, Centurion Shield Protection Services can play a key role in the reduction of loses and improvement to your LP Program.

[ Reducing Corporate Shrinkage and Risk / Improving Safety ]


Centurion Shield Protection Services is the leader in providing professional, skilled uniform and plain clothes security enforcement personnel to protect your greatest assets. Whether providing patrol services or physically securing development sites, our licensed and certified officers provide an excellent deterrent to criminal behavior.

Both armed guards and unarmed guards are available to assist municipal, commercial, corporate and residential clients, as well as provide personal security such as executive protection or deposit/valuable escorts. All officers are in continuous communication with a supervisor - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

[ Professional Armed and Unarmed Guards ]

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